The Nuzugum Culture and Family Centre  is the registered member of the Turkish Ministry of Internal Affairs. The fundamental duty of the association is providing economic and educational aids to the people who became orphans and widows due to the Chinese Communist government’s oppression in East Turkistan. The organization’s main goal is to guide, educate and raise these people to gain professional knowledge in order to become real useful persons who will serve their religion, nation and homeland both now and in the future.

At present, there are more than 500 orphans, in needs, students and their families getting monthly aids. On the other side, mothers are under training to be brought up in all aspects, sharing the social activities in all fields including participation to the country’s struggle for independence.

If you want to gain this world’s honor as well as become the neighbor of the Prophet Mohammed (sav) hereafter in order to acquire merit in Allah’s sight, please become a member of this movement and share every moving charity done by the association. Besides, by joining our association, you can have the advantage of reasonable prices of goods and medical treatments provided exclusively by the charitable businessmen for the association members.

The lowest membership’s fees for every country’s currency are shown below. Whoever wants or can afford to pay more are welcome:

Turkey: 10 ₺ USA,

Canada and Australia 10.00 $

Europe: 10.00 € Saudi Arabia: 10.00 ﷼

The Contact numbers in Turkey: +90505 109 83 66, +90538 467 22 17


The Nuzugum Association’s representatives in every country are in charge of the acceptance of the application for the membership;

-The membership fee should be payed within 1-6th day of every month;

-The members can pay the whole year’s fee at once if they want;

-Every member will be given a membership identity card.

Kind Regards, Nuzugum Culture and Family Centre

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On December 20, 2018, Uyghur womens residing in Toronto, Canada, participated in the International Islamic Conference RIS to seek help for Uyghur orphans by selling homemade products. During this three-day period, the Uyghur women volunteered services such as selling scarves, photographing with Uyghur traditional clothing, distributing leaflets on the Uyghur case, collecting signatures for petitions, requesting heart words for Uyghur citizens, and so on.

The most impressive thing about this event was  that all the Uyghurs worked together to help our own Uyghur people. Mrs. Turnisa’s speech to the audience about the Uyghur case impressed us very much. Although some Uyghur brothers could not participate in this event, they supported us by sending food for sale. As a result, so many guests visited us especially and indicated their support and helpfulness.

We would like to thank all the brothers and sisters who helped us and supported  us in this event. May Allah accept your help and reward you. May Allah help us in our future work. May Allah help us to gain our  freedom as quickly as possible.