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On December 20, 2018, Uyghur womens residing in Toronto, Canada, participated in the International Islamic Conference RIS to seek help for Uyghur orphans by selling homemade products. During this three-day period, the Uyghur women volunteered services such as selling scarves, photographing with Uyghur traditional clothing, distributing leaflets on the Uyghur case, collecting signatures for petitions, requesting heart words for Uyghur citizens, and so on.

The most impressive thing about this event was  that all the Uyghurs worked together to help our own Uyghur people. Mrs. Turnisa’s speech to the audience about the Uyghur case impressed us very much. Although some Uyghur brothers could not participate in this event, they supported us by sending food for sale. As a result, so many guests visited us especially and indicated their support and helpfulness.

We would like to thank all the brothers and sisters who helped us and supported  us in this event. May Allah accept your help and reward you. May Allah help us in our future work. May Allah help us to gain our  freedom as quickly as possible.


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