People who have some information about the East Turkistan know that the territory is a wide land with nice climate and rich of on and under ground rezerves given by Allah.
Since the Chinese invasion in XVIII. Century, Uygurs, who are the real owners of the country never have stopped their struggles for the independence. Annoying, even fear with this actions, starting from 2016, the communist and facist Chinese government accelerated its massacre and genocide policy toward the nation.
The heros who joined these struggles, sacrificed their lifes for the motherland and won the honourable distinctions in the history. One of these heros is Nuzugum (Nozugum, Nazigum, Nazugum) who was born in Atush, Kashar as a pretty daughter of the commander of Atush. She was a poetess. With her courage against the enemies, she became the heroine in the epic and heroic poems as Nazugum.
The history witnessed that after the suppression of the rebellion leaded by Cihangir Hoja in Kashgar during 1824-1828, the town experienced the most bloody and grievous event in the era.
As an excuse of joined the rebellions, many people were killed. Ten thousands of Uygur women mostly composed with children were dispatched to the various parts of the country and distributed to the Han and Manchu officials as slaves.
The invaders killed Nozugum’s mother, husband and 3 – years old son. Soon after Nozugum escaped from the slavery with her brother, she was captured and forced to marry to the Han commander. For not to dirt her chastity and bear a kafir’s child, Nozugum killed the commander at the first night and escapted and lived in a cave resisting the bad climate for about two months. When the enemies found Nozugum and intended to arrest her, she killed some of them. The rest of the enemy soldiers afraided to fight with her, arreseted her by firing the intrance of the cave and let smoke fulfilled the cave. She was killed cutting head 24 days after she was puting in the jail.
As the proud and the heroine of Uygur nation, Nozugum is stil alive in the heart of the people as epic.

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